33 Underrated Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List 
USA Travel

Looking to avoid the crowds of tourists on your next trip?  We’ve researched the experiences of over 30 travel experts to explore their most memorable albeit underrated adventures.  So, without further ado, here are 33 underrated experiences to add to your bucket list.

North America

1. Snorkel with Manatees in Florida’s Crystal River, USA


Experts say that this place is home to one of the world’s largest manatee communities.  100 manatees are said to live here around the popular Crystal River Wildlife Reserve all year round.  The spring-fed rivers mixed with the warm gulf waters here make this place the perfect habitat.

You and your family can spot them above water from the boardwalk.  You can also take a guided snorkeling tour and visit the Crystal River Wildlife Reserve.  The best time for your visit is between the months of November and March.

2.  Behold the Havasupai Falls in Arizona, USA

Even international hikers will confirm that hiking to Havasupai Falls is both awe-inspiring and memorable.  The creek that runs through the Supai village and into the Colorado River at the bottom of the famous Grand Canyon is bright blue-green.  It’s but a part of the beautiful scenery there though as you approach Beaver Creek, Havasupai, and Mooney Falls.  This approximately four-hour or 10-mile hike is truly unforgettable.


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