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Across the globe, artists create sculptures of icons. Monuments are made to commemorate memorable historical figures, leaders and moments. As we’ve previously noted, many of them are downright amazing. After many years of work and millions of dollars spent, here are 20 of the most enormous monuments and statues on earth.


20. “Forever Marilyn”

Also listed on this website as one of the “most amazing giant sculptures,” it took Chinese artists two years to complete this work. This 25-foot tall sculpture was inspired by the 1955 movie “The Seven Year Itch.” It’s been displayed both the USA and Australia.

19.  The statue of Ganesha

This eye-catching bright pink giant statue of Ganesha is a genuine tourist attraction. This statue of the much-loved and famous Hindu god can be found in Thailand in the province of Chachoengsao. It stands 52 feet high and is 78 feet wide.

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