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Much like NFL season tickets, or an ultra-expensive sports car, “a house by the beach” is one of those commonly desired albeit unobtainable luxuries. . . or is it? Thanks to SmartAsset crunching some numbers on various different aspects, we have managed to come up with the 17 cheapest beach towns in the entire country:

17. Deerfield Beach, Florida

Median cost of home: $124,900.00

Located between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, this city provides easy access to nearly all of South Florida. The beach itself is large and wide and is somehow never, ever too crowded. It includes some of the state’s best breweries such as 26 Degrees and Holy Mackerel.

16. Lake Worth, Florida

Median cost of home: $151,100

This place was once only populated by University of Miami football team recruits and old folks. Now downtown is dominated by culture and the arts. The city has numerous art galleries and holds one of the country’s largest street painting festivals. Stop in at the popular Mulligan’s Beach House, too.

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