12 Amazing, Must-See Camping Spots In Hawaii
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Near endless summer weather means near endless opportunities for fun in the sun. Hiking, swimming, and surfing are all on the list in the hot spot of Hawaii. But have you ever considered camping in Hawaii?  

While your rovin’ writer has quite often considered returning to his birth state of Hawaii, even he never considered camping in the awesome Aloha State. Surely there must be other travelers who have also not considered this Pacific possibility. Thus, without further ado, here are 12 amazing, must-see camping spots in Hawaii:

1.  Na Pali State Park, Kauai

Image: Jordan Lewin/flickr

Hikers will enjoy the exceptional eleven-mile Kalalau Trail hike because it ends in a beautiful little spot for camping. If you’d rather not hike that far in one day, you can spend the night at a site six miles in if you have the proper paperwork. Pack light to optimize your experience whether you break up the hike or not!



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