• Travel Books – Compilation of Accurate Travel Information

    The travel books are a wonderful means of gaining information about travel, travel routes and other travel related information. These books really act as a virtual guide for people who are true aspirants of tour and travel. Travel books give a detailed information of the various routes available for visiting a place and the means […]

  • Travel Europe – How to Travel Europe on a Cheap Budget

    We all want to travel Europe on a cheap budget these days. Budget and discount price airlines have sprung up in almost every European country in the last few years – all of them fighting furiously with each other to offer the best value cheap airfare deals. But do we really benefit from these discount […]

  • After Sunset in the Ghetto of Kingston

    It wasn’t my first time in the ghetto of Kingston, but till that day it’s definitely the most interesting and memorable story I can tell. I took a route taxi down to Half Way Tree then another one to Three Mile. In the taxi and later on in the streets, most people were surprised to […]

  • Shoutout by Exile Di Brave & Kazam Davis

    Respect & gratitude to Exile Di Brave & Kazam Davis for supporting Real Jamaica. I visited them on a Vinyl Thursday in December 2013 at the EDB Entertainment Studio in Papine, Kingston, and had a chat with them about our project. The single you hear in the video is called “Be Humble Be Calm” and […]

  • 10 Reasons to Love Jamaica

    I have always been a curious traveler, and rarely go back to a same destination twice. But in the past year, I have been to Jamaica three times- and my fourth visit is due in just a few days. So clearly, I’ve become infatuated with this Caribbean island…and they say if you love something enough, […]

  • Inna de Yard – A Real Roots Reggae Experience

    Enjoying the vibes from some talented Reggae artists while standing right next to them, is an experience I was hoping for while being in Jamaica. It finally became reality at Inna De Yard in Kingston. It was my 2nd time in Jamaica, but on this journey I didn’t only have two weeks, I got three […]

  • “Jamaican Fish & Chips”? Yes, at Hellshire Beach!

    As for food, when travelling, the golden rule for beaches should be “go where the locals go” – usually where the best experiences are to be had. Hellshire Beach is one of those spots that isn’t quite “advertised” to foreigners as the white sandy beaches of Negril… and maybe that’s a good thing. The only […]

  • 14 Tips to Surviving Jamaica (as a Tourist/Traveller)

    Jamaica can be overwhelming- in a good way- if its your first time there, especially if you’re not doing the all-inclusive resort type of trip (which means you are going to experience the REAL Jamaica, hurrah!). As a “foreigner” having been to Jamaica -particularly Kingston- a handful of times, here are a few helpful survival […]

  • 12 Experiences that are Uniquely (Real) Jamaica

    Jamaica is a very unique country with an outstanding culture. There are so many experiences you will love from the very beginning. Here are our first 12! 1. Hear good music all the time, anywhere, everywhereAnd I literally mean- everywhere. Whether its blasting from a car driving by, from the set-up shop around the corner […]

  • Volunteer Opportunities in the Real Jamaica

    Volunteer opportunities don’t only allow for a precious exchange between individuals, cultures and backgrounds …but are also unique chances to get closer to some untold facets of a specific destination… and this is particularly true in Jamaica. There are many communities in the Real Jamaica that would gladly welcome travelers for volunteer opportunities. There are […]

  • For the first-timers … know before you go!

    The world loves to stereotype countries, cultures and people… For those about to embark on their first trip to Jamaica (and even for repeat visitors!) here are some interesting facts we wanted to share, because the Real Jamaica is a whole lot more then just pretty beach pictures on a tourist brochure! For starters, not everyone […]