August 2017

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  • Shoutout by Exile Di Brave & Kazam Davis

    Respect & gratitude to Exile Di Brave & Kazam Davis for supporting Real Jamaica. I visited them on a Vinyl Thursday in December 2013 at the EDB Entertainment Studio in Papine, Kingston, and had a chat with them about our project. The single you hear in the video is called “Be Humble Be Calm” and […]

  • 10 Reasons to Love Jamaica

    I have always been a curious traveler, and rarely go back to a same destination twice. But in the past year, I have been to Jamaica three times- and my fourth visit is due in just a few days. So clearly, I’ve become infatuated with this Caribbean island…and they say if you love something enough, […]

  • Inna de Yard – A Real Roots Reggae Experience

    Enjoying the vibes from some talented Reggae artists while standing right next to them, is an experience I was hoping for while being in Jamaica. It finally became reality at Inna De Yard in Kingston. It was my 2nd time in Jamaica, but on this journey I didn’t only have two weeks, I got three […]

  • “Jamaican Fish & Chips”? Yes, at Hellshire Beach!

    As for food, when travelling, the golden rule for beaches should be “go where the locals go” – usually where the best experiences are to be had. Hellshire Beach is one of those spots that isn’t quite “advertised” to foreigners as the white sandy beaches of Negril… and maybe that’s a good thing. The only […]