July 2017

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  • 14 Tips to Surviving Jamaica (as a Tourist/Traveller)

    Jamaica can be overwhelming- in a good way- if its your first time there, especially if you’re not doing the all-inclusive resort type of trip (which means you are going to experience the REAL Jamaica, hurrah!). As a “foreigner” having been to Jamaica -particularly Kingston- a handful of times, here are a few helpful survival […]

  • 12 Experiences that are Uniquely (Real) Jamaica

    Jamaica is a very unique country with an outstanding culture. There are so many experiences you will love from the very beginning. Here are our first 12! 1. Hear good music all the time, anywhere, everywhereAnd I literally mean- everywhere. Whether its blasting from a car driving by, from the set-up shop around the corner […]

  • Volunteer Opportunities in the Real Jamaica

    Volunteer opportunities don’t only allow for a precious exchange between individuals, cultures and backgrounds …but are also unique chances to get closer to some untold facets of a specific destination… and this is particularly true in Jamaica. There are many communities in the Real Jamaica that would gladly welcome travelers for volunteer opportunities. There are […]

  • For the first-timers … know before you go!

    The world loves to stereotype countries, cultures and people… For those about to embark on their first trip to Jamaica (and even for repeat visitors!) here are some interesting facts we wanted to share, because the Real Jamaica is a whole lot more then just pretty beach pictures on a tourist brochure! For starters, not everyone […]