June 2017

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  • Why I love to eat Ital

    Food is central to travelling and culture, so during my very first trip ever to Jamaica I told myself I wanted to treat my tastebuds in a way that would be unique to my experience on the island. That is the story of how I ended up spending my entire week eating “Ital”. But what […]

  • A Farm in the Middle of a Kingston Ghetto

    We discovered an incredible phenomenon known as “Life Yard”. You may be aware of the Paint Jamaica art & social intervention happening in Kingston’s inner cities this summer… As part of the project, the team discovered an incredible phenomenon known as “Life Yard”. If you’ve been to an inner city in Kingston, you are probably […]

  • Can you pass a Jamaican Citizenship test?

    Test your knowledge in history, politics, sports, entertainment and music from Jamaica. Try to get it all right and score all 35 points in the citizenship test. How much Jamaican are you? Try it now, good luck! Info: The quiz was created a few years ago. So we have to give you a hint for […]

  • PAINT JAMAICA: bringing art into Kingston’s inner cities

    The Paint Jamaica project started in July 2014 when a group of Jamaican artists and a French traveler got together and decided to bring art into the streets of Kingston in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. The idea at heart was to change and revolutionize the relationship between art, talent and society. However, along […]