April 2017

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  • A Music Festival in the Blue Mountains

    The 2nd Blue Mountain Music Festival (BMMF) will be on Feb 21 – 22, 2015. It is a weekend of Jamaican music showcasing established and new artists and dub poets on the first day. Day 2 features rasta and mento drummers, dancers and and other cultural aspects as well as more music. Both days offer […]

  • The difference between Jamaica and Real Jamaica

    What does REAL Jamaica even mean? Is there a REAL and UNREAL Jamaica? Or has it someting to do with the reality in Jamaica? I would like to explain my thoughts on the word REAL in our name and its true meaning. The whole island of Jamaica is real. Every stone and leaf, every city […]

  • What on earth is Callaloo?

    One of my favourite things when travelling is discovering new ingredients, spices, and recipes. If you look beyond jerk chicken and patties, Jamaica can be an interesting culinary destination. For example: if you’re a fruit person, you’re definitely in for a treat- given the array of delicious and exotic fruits. If you’re a herb and […]

  • What to do on a rainy day in Jamaica?

    Ok, I have to admit that rainy days are rare in Jamaica. Maybe I should rather ask: What to do in Jamaica when the sun is burning to hot? Either way, let me present to you a few institutions worth visiting that you might not necessarily find in your guidebook, but that will offer you […]