February 2017

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  • The Issue of Cuba & “Unregulated” Guesthouses in Jamaica

    Such reports spawned a whirlwind of mixed reactions from readers in Jamaica and abroad… Indeed, we are living in an interesting time where the dynamics around travel have significantly changed in recent years. We are now more connected with technology, mobile devices and the internet. Airlines have recognized that affordability is key, giving birth to […]

  • Everyone Can Dance – My Jamaica (Love)Story

    Not entirely sure why I’d chosen Jamaica for my three month time out, it slowly became clear to me that this place possessed a magic like nowhere else. This is the (love)story of my time in Jamaica. Although the country is most reputable, I gathered before going there, for its reggae, dancehall, weed-smoking and violence, […]

  • Jamaican Breadfruit – Roast or Fry?

    Breadfruit – white heart, yellow heart – a delectable, affordable staple for all palate and appetite. Captain William Bligh of the British Royal Navy brought over 300 breadfruit trees to Jamaica and planted them in St. Thomas in 1793. Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) also known as ‘Breshay’ was used as an economical way to feed the […]

  • Truth and Secrets About Discount Travel

    Truth and Secrets about Discount Travel To understand how you can get discount travel, it helps to understand how the travel industry works. Probably the single most important thing to remember about the travel industry is that it’s based on a perishable commodity. If an airplane takes off with empty seats or a cruise ship […]

  • 4 English Words That Mean Something Totally Different in Jamaican (Patois)

    If you’re an English speaker, chances are, catching on to Jamaican wasn’t extraordinarily difficult. You’ve got your “Waa gwaan” and your “Yeah man” under your belt. You know what we mean when we say “Jah know” and “Up like seven”. You probably even have a few “-cloths” in your repertoire. Many Jamaican words may be […]