January 2017

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  • How to Prepare for your Jamaica Backpacking Trip

    Once you’ve decided that, you get to experience the real Jamaica, and have now hundreds of unique moments ahead. But be prepared! It is true – traveling off the beaten track takes a bit more time and effort in preparation, but we all know that it is totally worth it. Here are some tips that […]

  • Danger In Paradise – How Safe Is Jamaica For Tourists?

    There’s a common misconception that Jamaica is a dangerous travel destination, only safe if sticking to tourist areas, all-inclusive resorts and their organized tours. Looking at message boards or even reading travel advice on government’s websites – you’ll easy get the image that a trip to this laidback, picturesque country can result in harm and […]

  • A Piece Of Diary – Treasure Beach to Montego Bay

    I turned the keys. The car started and the trip from Treasure Beach to Montego Bay, which would take us approximately three to four hours, started. The journey led us straight through the rural surroundings of Cockpit Country in Trelawny, the birth parish of Usain Bolt. Flat and long roads of asphalt alternated between smaller, […]

  • Travel Green – A Guide On How To Travel Eco-Friendly

    When you travel to Jamaica you’ll be amazed by the beauty of nature. And this nature needs to be protected! Due to the low level of economic development Jamaica has – until now – not been a good example in protecting its environment but this should not stop you from travelling eco-friendly. SAVE WATER! During […]

  • Recap 2015 – Forward Ever, Backward Never

    2015 is coming to an end and so we’ll wrap it up with a recap, looking back on our main events of the year. But first of all we want to say – big up to all of you for the love, support and contribution to Real Jamaica! We’re all part of this growing community […]